Designed Exclusively for Vein Practices

Procedure Pak stockings are designed and packaged specifically for the needs of vascular surgical procedures. So you can take better care of your patient’s compression needs.


The Perfect Compression for Post-Vascular Procedures

Carolon Procedure Pak compression stockings offer a wide range of sizing options combined with advanced knitting technology to assure patient compliance and cost effective therapy.


Continuous Compression with Minimal Creep

The Vascular Wrap is a long stretch fabric which contains a high amount of spandex, allowing clinicians to apply varying amounts of tension with minimal creep. This continuous application of compression reduces edema and ensures stable compression levels.

Finely Tuned Instruments for Precise Vein Procedures

Stainless steel phlebectomy instruments made in the USA. Autoclavable for sterilization.

Mueller Type Blunt-Tipped Phlebectomy Hooks

Straight shaft – Ideal for hooking and lifting upwards. Blunt tip protects against unintentionally hooking dermis or other tissues.

Varady Type Double-Ended Phlebectomy Hooks and Dissectors.

Two instruments in one. Flat spatula for dissecting tissue.

Ramelet Type Sharp-Tipped Phlebectomy Hooks and Dissectors.

Small, fine tips and hook angle allow the user to dissect and hook the vein in a fluid movement.

Crochet Type Phlebectomy Hooks

Straight shaft, blunt hook.

Oesch® Type Phlebectomy Hooks

The blunt hook and shaft angle makes it easier to hook veins.

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