Rethinking Compression

Carolon is redefining how the compression is utilized for wound care. Using proprietary and innovative textile fibers, Carolon brings to the market the best fitting, most comfortable, most effective compression systems in the world for faster wound healing and superior patient compliance.

Stocking Application Video

Two Steps to Better Compliance

Anti-Microbial Sleeve
Helps prevent skin breakdown by:
• Soft terry cushioning lines the sleeve, no seams, no overlapping of fabric.
• Reciprocating heal reduces fabric creases in front of ankle and enhances proper fit and sleeve stability.
• Decreased slippage down the leg helps prevent mid-calf secondary ulcer due to friction co-efficiencies between the sleeve and wrap.
• Sleeve fabric designed with vertically packed stitching decreases vertical collapse.

Edema Reactive Compression Wrap
• Easily controlled compression application with Advanced Compression Wrap.
• Wrap provides stable compression levels during treatment for up to 7 days.
• Shade Change technology helps ensures proper desired graduated pressure.
• Allows skin respiration unlike other compression systems.
• Decreases wound maceration by fabric wicking.

Maintains Compression
The wrap has been designed specifically for the treatment of leg ulcers. By using higher denier spandex yarns combined with a unique weave structure, the wrap maintains sustained compression not found in any other multi-layer systems. Sustained compression helps prevent slippage down the leg, unlike other compression systems that have a high creep factor.
This means that over time the system stays in place maintaining accurate compression levels enhancing the therapeutic effect of compression.
Precise Compression
Overstocking and Understocking are designed to work together to provide clinically appropriate compression. Available in 30-40mmHg (A6531) or 40-50mmHg (A6532). Understocking can be worn alone during sleep to provide 15-20mmHg while patient is recumbent.

Ease of Application
Application and removal are more easily facilitated since compression is divided among two layers. The fabric on the Overstocking has been specifically designed to slide comfortably over the Understocking.

A Transition to Healing
After the patient’s edema has been stabilized with the Carolon Wrap System, the Multi-Layer Stocking system should be used.The advanced Multi-Layer Stocking provides accurate compression, proven healing performance, superior patient compliance and allows patients to take part in the application of their own compression therapy.

Read and Adjust Compression Instantly

For the first time ever, clinicians have an accurate and cost effective way to ensure their patients receive the most appropriate compression for their needs. Carolon Sleeve and Reader can be used with our proprietary compression wrap for maximum effectiveness or with any other elastic compression bandage.
Compression Sensor
Disposable, flexible, and low profile sensor attaches to sleeve to record pressure at any point on the limb.
• Calibrated for accuracy

Anti-Microbial Sleeve with Conductive Yarns
• Vertically knit silver yarns allow sensor to be easily connected to the external reader.
• Moisture wicking terry cloth material
• Helps to hold primary dressing in place

• Battery powered
• Portable
• Rugged construction
• Large visibility digital screen

Edema Reactive Compression Wrap
• Easily controlled compression application
• Provides stable compression for up to 7 days
• Force indicator ensures graduated compression application
• Breathable for skin respiration
• Wicks moisture to decrease skin masceration

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